IsGoodMusic: A Sassy Website to Match a Feisty Music Scene

Want to know when I enjoy my job most? It’s when I get to do something ultra fun while designing a website, such as listening to good music! Such was the case when I designed IsGoodMusic’s website. Chill, R&B, hip-hop, rock, and of course, my favorite, relaxing soft and romantic music! I got first digs on these cool L.A. sounds and put them on the web, way before Angeleños got to feel the vibe through IsGoodMusic’s website.

Designing a website is not a simple task. It requires exhaustive efforts in getting the right information about the business and the target audience. Sometimes, the business and the target audience will be well defined, but at other times, as in the case of IsGoodMusic, the target audience is dynamic, and involves catering to various music tastes of different people. I know this for a fact, as I sometimes love rock n’ roll and then suddenly want to chill out and listen to something soothing. When you are dealing with a very picky, fickle-minded audience, your design and concept has to be classic enough to stand the test of time, and the change in tastes as well.

IsGoodMusic is ingeniously sub-divided into four sections – IsGoodMusic, IsGoodRadio, IsGoodEntertainment, and IsGoodStore – related to, yet separate from each other. Bands or acts featured on the IsGoodMusic website usually perform in the online radio show IsGoodRadio. This show, which for now, streams live form, plays promotional track from the featured act, interviews and of course live performances from the bands. Once the band acquires a following, its merchandise will be featured in IsGoodStore, where fans can buy items such as cd’s, tshirts, stickers.

In every step of the way, the website has to sustain its spunk to sustain interest from its followers. One boring, ho-hum, humdrum page may immediately result to a reduced viewership which of course translates to foregone revenues. Pretty scary task, huh? Thankfully, I was ably assisted by Surjayan who managed this project every step of the way.

While working with Surjayan, director of The WebFactorE, I did both the interaction and visual design of the website, converting the ideas into interfaces. I also designed a CMS which was developed by programmers at Witchitra using PHP and MySQL. This CMS enabled the owners to update the site themselves, which helped them to efficiently manage major sections of the site like monthly calender of events, featured bands, etc.

Being a music lover came in very handy. I was designing a website for music and I was in the zone. I came up with a sassy website by making sure that features and contents of the website connected to the avid music fans out there, and even the smallest of detail had to count, including the colors, fonts, and images. It is Surjayan's diligent efforts that keeps IsGoodMusic alive today and let me tell you, he is doing a great job!

IsGoodMusic is well on its way to becoming the first ever online musician collective. Oh, a musician collective is a trend in Los Angeles, where some ten to twenty bands shuffle around a weekly venue to support each other's music. Kiss or Kill Club, for one. IsGoodMusic will be the online venue for this musician collective.

Nowadays, “IsGood” has become a badge of merit for aspiring new acts. Being an “IsGood” artist means being one of taste and talent. And you know what it means when an online music scene becomes the place where artists want to be in? It simply means that the website has done it's job.

Translation: the website is able to sustain interests of its target audience. Need I say more?

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