Trump Place: Magnificence captured in a website

Isn’t it remarkable how websites and homes have so much in common? I mean, think about it: A business needs a website just as much as a person needs a home. It’s a necessity.

A website needs to give visitors a reason to stay, browse, and enjoy the site, and even entice the now curious visitor to want to know more, or, better yet, to be interested enough to spend money.  In the same way, if your home is beautiful, comfortable, and has everything you desire, you’ll spend more time there, and so will your visitors. Your visitors would enjoy your home so much that they would come often, and also tell all their friends about how wonderful your home is. This is also what a business wants from its website. And it’s what I did for Trump Place.

It was a huge challenge trying to portray this magnificent residential apartment building for what it is, an apartment building that satisfies the every whim of its discerning and wealthy residents.

Trump Place is situated on the Hudson River, and rises majestically against a backdrop of the Manhattan skyline, a skyline that magically lights up with thousands of twinkling lights at night. Fairyland in the middle of the city.

It was while working for DNA Studio that I was given the task of designing a website that would best represent Trump Place. Although not a very large website, there was no shortage of readily available materials, and the difficulty lied in choosing which ones to showcase out of the hundreds of wonderful images to choose from. Trump Place is truly a beautiful place and the website had to exude the same amount of aesthetic appeal to its viewers. A less than perfect website was simply not acceptable.

Trump Place is just one of the many multifamily housing developments of Equity Residential, an S&P 500 company that was named as one of America’s Most Admired Companies by Fortune Magazine. Knowing their reputation, I couldn’t let them down!

With a keen eye for beauty that I have developed over the years, and the intuition to know what customers will like, I designed a website that was at par with Trump Place’s majesty. At the same time, the website had to sustain its beauty for the long run. To enable the customer to do just that, I created the site in Flash and XML, which allows for easy updating of images. By simply changing the photos in the server, the images on the website are instantaneously updated. A beautiful and easy to maintain website - Equity Residential was very much satisfied. I can make this claim because Equity Residential engaged DNA Studios for many similar projects afterwards. But the best part of it was the tremendous increase in online inquiries the Trump Place received after the website was operational. Of course, many of those inquiries have been converted into sales. Now, that's what I'd call a good deed!


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