ELLE Decor: For the Domesticated Career Woman!

(and the Trendy Man, too!)

Gone are the days when women have to choose between pursuing a career and keeping a home. Nowadays, women have it all! They hold high-powered careers, and at the end of the day they are both homemakers and home decorators. And Elle Decor understands this multi-faceted woman very well.

Elle Decor gives fresh updates on everything home - from the latest environment-friendly paint to a state of the art kitchen - everything a homemaker must know. Elle Decor knows that today's woman wants to get fresh information quickly, and Elle Decor responds by featuring various homemaking categories every month.

While I have to admit that I am just an amateur home decorator, I nevertheless enjoyed my tasks with Elle Decor.

I replicated my tasks from Elle to Elle Decor. Elle Decor also sends us advanced materials of their latest magazine days before it hits the stand. My job was to update the website to feature the new edition.

I featured the latest home products and home decor solutions: the latest trends in furniture, the trendiest home decors, the poshiest china, the amazing vases - whew, the list is endless! I never knew there were so many decision points involved in decorating a home!

Good thing, though, that there is EDIDA Awards, which cites the best designs in furnitures, vases, and other home decors. The fresh and innovative ideas and designs featured in EDIDA Awards certainly assist a homemaker in improving her home - expert or budding beginner she may be. Once a piece of furniture has been featured in EDIDA Awards, it bears a seal of excellence. Designers prepare for months for that one special chance to showcase the best of their crafts in the EDIDA Awards. An EDIDA Award can certainly “make” a designer, and the homemaker is assured of only the best products from the best in the class.

Now I can only hope that I get to be lucky enough to marry an Elle woman - just looking at the many items overwhelm me, I don't know how I'll even come near to dealing with the real thing - home decorating, I mean!

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