WITCHITRA: Spinning Magic on the Web

For the uninitiated, the name Witchitra (vee-chi-tra) might be mistaken as having something to do with witches, or magic, but Witchitra - adj. (Hindi) - signifies: extremely unique, rare, very different from the rest, extraordinary, and pleasantly unusual.

Although all these adjectives can be used to describe each and every design created at Witchitra, in a way, Witchitra Design Studios is a little magical, as they conjure up spells, to create an almost supernatural experience for website users both young and old. Some call it web design, but for us at Witchitra, it’s simply magic!

Excuse me for being a little sentimental here, when I speak about my beloved company. After all, I was Witchitra’s first ever employee, and they were one of my earliest employers. I no longer work for them, and certainly they have changed a lot since I was there, but the friends I gained and the lessons I learned will stay with me forever, wherever I may go.

I have talked about all the many things I have done in the other case studies, and all the difficulties I overcame. Now please allow me to tell you where I got all the discipline from, and the necessary training needed for me to succeed in this very dynamic, highly competitive industry. Just one word sums it all up: Witchitra.

When I think about Witchitra, I can’t help but be amazed at how quickly the company has changed over the years. I guess, when something is really good, it will really shine through, no matter what difficulties come its way. Certainly this adage was proven true for Witchitra.

Starting with just two lousy computers and one employee (me, so I wouldn’t say lousy!), Witchitra has ballooned into a modest company of about 30 dedicated web designers and developers, whose passions all lie in creating a work of art through websites.

In the beginning, because there was only me and the creative director, Bheesham Sethi. And I had to perform many tasks outside of web designing, and more related to enlisting clients. At Witchitra, I have been a business development officer, a client executive, a designer, a developer, a search engine optimizer all rolled into one. I didn’t mind – I was having one hell of a wonderful time! Also, all these challenges made me realize the power of having the correct attitude. When you believe you can, instead of wavering if you should or could, things get done easier.

Of course, it wasn’t all fun in the sun. In fact, the first years of our existence were filled with many hardships. Name it, and we’ve had it. Because we were just a start-up company, we didn’t have the luxury of dictating our own pace and price. This does not mean, however, that we had to compromise quality of our work. In fact, if there is one thing we were always consistent with, it was the quality of the work we produced, and the pride we had in each of our output. No matter how tiny or gigantic our contracts were, we always applied the same level of quality control over each and every work.

At the same time, when there was only Bheesham and I, we had to work our butts off to meet deadlines. The consolation to this is of course the discipline I gained, and the joy I had of working with a very professional expert. If there’s one person you’d want to go to war with, that would be Bheesham. He can be considered a master in his trade, having studied from UCLA and worked for Grey Worldwide and MTV in the past, there was a lot to learn from him. I was happy to tag along, because the ride was a thrilling one. I developed a keen eye for details and learned to remain abreast with the latest trends and competencies in design.

I was both worker and manager, and I had to be fully responsible for all my actions. Empowerment always goes hand in hand with the high price of responsibility. I am privileged to have had this opportunity so early in my career. Without a doubt, these years at Witchitra made me the dedicated designer that I am today. Of course, it goes without saying that I had the best technical training ever available, since I did everything hands on.

Over the years, it was inevitable that Witchitra would blossom into a company that would have a lot of happy customers in its portfolio. Now that I am on my own, the attitude I developed at Witchitra enabled me to focus on the goals, to bring optimal benefits to my customers.

I climbed Witchitra’s corporate ladder in the years I was there. Starting as a mid-level designer to a Senior Designer, I gained many learnings and friends along the way. I exited as the Head of the Design Department, and while I left with a heavy heart, Witchitra and I parted ways in good terms. I could have stayed forever in Witchitra, but the rest of the world was beckoning. I love London and always had an urge to live there. It's a beautiful city with lovely people and is home to biggest tourist attractions in the world, like Buckingham Palace and Madam Tussaud's. A door of opportunity opened and I stepped inside without a deep thought. London is not only home to the Crown Jewels, but, for now, it is home for me, too.

I’ve worked on many projects while at Witchitra, and did whatever was required to fulfill the wishes of the clients. You might say that I was a jack of all trades. I created flash sites, developed and installed Client Management System, set up design standards, streamlined ways for documenting, and much more, for Witchitra and their clients. More details can be found in my other case studies. Many of my favorites are: Elle, Milk Worldwide, IsGoodMusic, Vault Agency, The Talent Slate, and 3x3 Tournaments.

I can go on and on and on saying wonderful things about Witchitra. But let me stop now. Suffice it to say that I can never run out of good words for them. And for the record, once again, I am what I am now because of Witchitra.

Team Witchitra, you rock! Cheers!

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