VAULT AGENCY: Websites and Royalties

How do Elvis Presley, the Beatles and Michael Jackson rake in the big bucks long after they have made their last recording? One word: royalties. Not royalties as in kings and queens, but royalties as in fees. Yes, it’s that one single word that guarantees a lifetime of luxury for these superstars. 

I had the privilege of designing a website fit for these royalties of the music world, who make a living from royalties.

Vault Agency specializes in acquiring licenses for these super icons, and their roster of customers includes very popular household names. Because of their high profile status, Vault naturally requires a website design that will be at par with the image projected by its clientele.

I am always extra challenged when I face this kind of job – one where the customer is in the public eye. Knowing that my design would be closely associated with these icons sure fires up the challenge.

When I was doing the flash design for Vault, I always kept in mind the company’s target audience: companies who wish to legally protect their products, and in the process, market it to a larger audience.

For me to come up with the proper Flash Design for Vault, a very good grasp of both the business and the target audience was critical. In the process,I learned about licensing and how it works – an extra bonus of the job! Coming up with Flash Designs is associated with interaction and visual design. 

Everything is about the user experience the website will provide in the future.

Some of the critical things in Flash design are originality in concept and content, visual appeal, artistic sensibility, innovation, distinction, and the quality of the design itself, as well as the quality of the materials uploaded on the site. In short, a Flash design has to be so unique and strikingly effective that it will set apart the company from the myriad of other companies in the industry. I kept all of these in mind when designing the website, and I was glad to supply a robust flash design, and meet the customer requirements too.

Vault’s website has several pages, and I designed each and every page with Flash. What made Vault extra special for me is the fact that I rarely do Flash designs anymore, so this work was like a “collector’s item” for me. Of course, I will always welcome the opportunity to work on a similar project in the future.

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