THE TALENT SLATE: Propelling Stars to the Limelight

Sure you’ve got talent, but does anyone know about it?

If you are hoping to have a career in entertainment, you need a place to tell the world about your abilities. This is exactly what The Talent Slate does. While working for TheWebFactorE (hyperlink), I worked on The Talent Slate website and created a medium to showcase the talents included in their roster, through a chill website.

If you’re an aspiring talent, be prepared to wait for a long time until somebody pays attention to your talent and to the things you can do. Whether you are an actor, a director, scriptwriter, or an aspiring assistant, you need that one big break. Not a few spend a lifetime waiting for that big break which never came. 

In the entertainment industry, networking is a prime asset. And for someone who is just starting on their own, the chances of making it are nil.

Thankfully, there is The Talent Slate who believes that every talent deserves her 15 minutes of fame. 

It is indeed very unique. It features about a dozen talents every month and markets directly to the entertainment industry on an international scale. Therefore, when you are with The Talent Slate, you are almost assured of a career, or at least a very good shot at one. Of course, before you become part of the magic dozen, you have to go through The Talent Slate’s own auditions. Sort of American Idol where you move from auditions to the top 12, only done on the web.

While The Talent Slate is, in itself, a marketing firm, and while it has a very unique strategy, it nevertheless needed a marketing portal, which would be its primary link to the whole world. Knowing what the website would mean to The Talent Slate and its roster of talents, pressure was almost tangible for me when I was called in to work on their website, but I have always believed that pressure is a privilege. I felt privileged to work on The Talent Slate’s website. I was also fortunate enough to work with Surjayan, director of TheWebFactorE, who managed the project every step of the way.

Because The Talent Slate was just starting, we pretty much had a free hand in designing the website. To better guide us in the task, we listed the main things we wanted the website to have:

  • The website should be a platform to highlight a talent’s skills, credentials and expertise.
  • The website should function as a social network for those who want to keep in touch.

  • The website needs to have sufficient magnetic power to attract interest from an industry whose attention is hard to catch.

The Talent Slate is the stage on which potential supernovas are made to shine. We were particularly involved in the conceptualization and design of its earlier website. It was a great opportunity to showcase my creative skills!

To implement the interactions and the class requirements specified by client, flash seemed to be a good solution. However fancy flash was, and while it got tremendous response from its users, we saw the limitation to the site, specifically, limitations on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To make the website more flexible, efficient and searchable, I converted it into a search engine friendly format, all in an effort to get the maximum possible reach. Converting a website into another format is always very challenging, and in the case of the The Talent Slate, it was even more pronounced because I had to retain a similar level of experience and class that flash provided for the website.

At that time, the main challenge was to establish the site as a worthy online destination for talent scouts and major industry players. It would be an understatement to say that this objective has been achieved. Clearly, the fact that the site has not only sustained its operations, but has also grown since its inception is proof enough that the initial site has been well designed.

Talent Slate’s client base has grown so much that the market now dictates a site upgrade to accommodate new industry requirements. I am very happy with what Talent Slate has become. Most of all, I am happy to be an instrument of progress for those whose lives were improved by the website. Makes my profession doubly great!.

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