Harpal Singh

User Experience designer helping startups come to life

I'm a UX designer based in London with an entrepreneurial attitude towards solving complex problems. I'm a purveyor of lean methodologies and data-driven design, and usually experiment with new technologies while they are in nascent stages directly on client projects (of course with permission). This has resulted in complete disaster and failure few times but at other times has put the client ahead of their competitors by light years (sounds so Steve Jobs type). As it suggests, I'm a high risk-taker and thoroughly enjoy working with fast-paced startups and design agencies.

I started working as a designer in 2003 and have a professional degree / certificate from University of Oxford, University College of London and HFI. Based on my background in HCI and work experience, I claim to know a bit about user experience, personas, scenarios, user journeys, wireframes and conducting usability studies. I whole-heartedly love what I do. 

I've a keen interest in designing native apps for mobile and tablets. I've a good understanding of communication behaviours, strategic design, gamification and acquiring users through various channels of growth. I've been working on my own fashion / lifestyle startup in free time from quite a while and have done numerous projects in eCommerce space. This has formed a deeper domain knowledge about B2C transactional businesses, online shopping behaviours and social commerce.

Want to speak about something? Contact me using this form or write me directly at catchme ~~at~~ harpalsingh.com. You can also find more about me on LinkedIn.

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