ELLE - Sexy, Stylish, Spirited

Do I even need to make introductions about Elle? I would certainly rather not, as I am not sure what else to say about the world’s largest fashion magazine for the woman of style and a mind of her own – sounds like every woman I know!

Elle is the magazine of choice for more than 12 million readers worldwide, with 39 editions read in over 60 countries. There is really nothing much I can say about Elle that the modern world does not already know. Launched in 1945, Elle has certainly established itself as THE authority in beauty and fashion.

Oh, there is one single thing I am pretty sure is not too well known to the modern world – I worked for Elle magazine while I was working full time as Head of Design at Witchitra. Ogaan publishes Elle and many other magazines in India. Ogaan contracted Witchitra Design Studios for website design and development of all their publications in India. I worked for Witchitra as a design lead on this project. Ergo, I worked for Elle.

From then until now, Elle’s purpose has always been to help smart, fashionable women in all aspects of their lives, particularly with their own style.

Sounds like a girl’s best friend? Perhaps. Or even better, it’s Elle!

ELLE – la – la!

Every month, we give Elle readers a sneak preview of the current issue. We do this by converting the magazine pages sent to us in pdf format into web pages.

The challenge was to replicate the magazine pages on the web, which were of course smaller in size than the printed magazine. On top of that, we had to maintain all the other contents of the web page such as navigation, advertisements, promotional modules and other user options. Of course, the two workspaces were not alike, either. But hey, I didn't mind. I got to do something I thoroughly enjoy doing, while getting the inside scoop on the latest trends in fashion and beauty. Who was I to complain?

At the same time, the web page needs to be updated to keep up with the dynamics of today's modern woman. To enable more staff to work on the website while keeping its quality, we created a Content Management System (CMS) to manage emails, newsletters and magazine subscribers. Believe me, women are serious when it comes to their stuff! They always want to know the latest, and share their minds at the same time. So let's just say that we had our hands full keeping up with them, and a CMS was mighty dandy. CMS also provided options to update special sections like Elle man, Elle spa, and Elle belle among others.

Once a new issue arrives, we archive the previous month’s issue and this process is repeated every month. Users can check out these issues anytime, and the website now contains almost three years’ worth of back issues.

After creating, setting up and maintaining the website for a couple of months, I passed on the complete privileges to other mid-level designers at Witchitra. They say good fortune needs to be shared, so I was happy to share mine with my colleagues.

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